Hi there and welcome

I'm a . . . . . . . . . 

Mud slinger!

Clay thrower!

Maker of beautiful things!


My name is Nicole and I live in Te Awamutu, and I love to create wheel thrown pottery in my little studio that I have set up in my garage.

I hand make and finish functional and decorative pottery items which I create in small batches. I enjoy experimenting with glaze colours and techniques to create pieces that are all individual.

The name 'Mountain View Pottery' comes from the street I live in and my uninterrupted view across my backyard to Mt Kakepuku. 

Mt Kakepuku can be seen in the background of some of my pottery photos, and is part my logo which is stamped onto each piece I make.


I hope you enjoy viewing the pieces I have handcrafted.

Nicole x



Working at the wheel with my ever-present studio buddy Monty